TRG’s recruiting process

  • Preparation and Assignment:  During this phase, the specifics of the search request (e.g.,position overview, skills, start date, location, etc.) are defined and finalized, and a formal job requisition is received. The account manager will have day-to- day responsibilities for the execution and coordination of the search until successfully completed. .
  • Sourcing and Filtering:  During this phase, the recruiter will begin the process of sourcing candidates.  The recruiter will leverage TRG’s various proprietary Internet sourcing techniques and tools, extensive on-line candidate database, and existing advertising programs.  The recruiter, will conduct in-depth interviews either face-to-face, via the telephone, or through video conferencing to further vet and qualify the candidates to be presented.
  • Presentation:  During this phase, the recruiter will meet with the designated account manager to present viable candidates or forward standard re-formatted resumes to the appropriate staff identified by the Client.  This communication will take place via e-mail.  At this point, it is expected that the hiring authority should immediately notify the recruiter of the level of interest in interviewing each prospective candidate.
  • Interviewing:  During this phase, the recruiter and the account manager will coordinate the interview process with the candidates, and will facilitate and monitor each step.  TRG will receive and pass on feedback from both the candidate and the Client after each interview.
  • Placement:  During this phase, TRG will present the consultant with an offer letter of contract work or direct hire, will work towards gaining acceptance, and counsel the candidates through the resignation process, if applicable.  
  • Post-Placement:  Our goal, at TRG, is to provide consultants that truly are a company’s best investment.  Once a TRG referral successfully starts at your company, TRG will continue to advise and counsel both the consultant and employer, in order to resolve any issues that may arise and work to assure a long and successful project with the Client.

We believe communication is the key to ongoing success with our Clients.  Therefore, we proactively ask that our Clients provide us timely feedback throughout this process so we can constantly fine-tune our search to meet and exceed our Client’s staffing needs.


TRG Technical Staffing coordinates all communication regarding offers, second interviews, employment paperwork or other logistics related to a candidate’s hiring. Our recruiting and hiring process is fast, efficient and consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Client Priorities Assessment: Through in-depth discussions with the client, we gain an understanding of the desired personality traits, technical background, and other skills that their ideal employee must possess

Step 2: Candidate Definition: The Account Manager, working closely with the client, will then determine and clearly define the candidate requirements.

Step 3: Candidate Identification: Pulling from our extensive candidate database of IT professionals, we identify those candidates who best meet the clients’ initial criteria.

Step 4: Pre-qualification: We conduct interviews and evaluate candidates on a number of different client-specific criteria, including technical abilities, work ethic and personality, and more. We also perform background investigations, drug testing, reference checks and aptitude testing.

Step 5: Candidate Credentials Verification: Once the candidate has passed all background checks, we verify their credentials verification, references and assess their compensation, availability and other relevant details.

Step 6: Candidate Presentation and Interview: TRG Technical Staffing presents the top candidates’ resumes to the client and answers any questions about candidates’ backgrounds. We also arrange all interviews, field follow-up questions and serve as the liaison between our client and candidates.

Step 7: Candidate Offer and Employment: TRG Technical Staffing coordinates all communication regarding offers, second interviews, employment paperwork or other logistics related to a candidate’s hiring.

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